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PlayList 8

In list on 08/09/2009 at 11:50 PM

New songs -The Perfects:

N1 Cavalier Rose – Lamplight
Perfect ballad.

N2 pandoras.boxNext To Mine
Perfect progressive rock.

N3 Folder (PL)Joy
Perfect indie.

N4 Peterloo MassacreWarmed Body
Perfect trip-hop.

N5 So I’m JoKids In Space
Perfect chillout dance music.

The list:
1 Bartłomiej Wołyniec Hiper Sallad
2 Superxiu – A Gift From The Sky
3 Kamp!Breaking A Ghost’s Heart
4 Maroon 5 – Goodnight Goodnight (Kno RMX)
5 Screenatorium – Second Chances
6 Don’t Be A Poor Person – Walls
7 Vians – By night (Adrenaline rush Rmx)
8 Let Me Introduce You To The EndSitting Alone
9 Fabrizio Paterlini – Forever Blue (March Rosetta Re-Imagined version)
10 Katherine – Mute
11 IAMX – Think Of England
12 Rico Püstel – Endogenous Meltdown
13 Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (TekMonki Mix)
14 Emily In Love – I Can’t Imagine (Microholiday Remix)
15 Antony RaijekovNatchoongi (Breaked Dub rmx) ft. Salman Ahmad
16 Entertainment For The Braindead – Run! (Xiqhhyiecryn Remix)
17 Silence Is SexyWhere Were You
18 Fabryka – Legoland
19 The Dada WeathermanMelancholy for Eternity
20 Of The I – Single Units


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