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PlayList 6

In list on 01/06/2009 at 9:08 PM

New songs – very partycious:

N1 Vians – By night (Adrenaline rush Rmx)
Light and simple, but fast and catchy.

N2 Rico Püstel – Endogenous Meltdown
If 2:38min was not enough to get You dancing this will do the thing.

N3 Antonio Bellantoni – Ever
You wan’t believe this is not taken from any Hotel Costes 12.

N4 Alex – Decide (ft. Natalie Brown & Y Niazi)
Another instant hit that we luckily get for free. Amazing vocals and mix.

N5 Maroon 5 – Goodnight Goodnight (Kno RMX)
The best track from the Call and Response remix album. It’s not there .. so it’s free.

The list:
1 Screenatorium – Second Chances
2 Fabrizio Paterlini – Forever Blue (March Rosetta Re-Imagined version)
3 Jay-Z -Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Professor Kliq Remix)
4 Bert Jerred – Ransom
5 Entertainment For The Braindead – Run! (Xiqhhyiecryn Remix)
6 Emily In Love – I Can’t Imagine (Microholiday Remix)
7 Two Spot Gobi – Others
8 Silence Is SexyWhere Were You
9 IAMX – Think Of England
10 Fabryka – Legoland
11 Degiheugi – Jessy
12 The Dada WeathermanMelancholy for Eternity
13 Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (TekMonki Mix)
14 Stateless – Wade In
15 Jan Felipe – Quelques souvenirs
16 Katherine – Mute
17 Antony RaijekovNatchoongi (Breaked Dub rmx) ft. Salman Ahmad
18 Adam McHeffey – Song 66
19 Of The I – Single Units
20 Mason Proper – Lock Lovedown Gets Innocuous (Kanye West vs. LCD Soundsystem)

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