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PlayList 4

In list on 18/05/2009 at 10:06 PM

New this week:

N1 Antony RaijekovNatchoongi (Breaked Dub rmx) ft. Salman Ahmad
Lalalajlalalajlalalaj or something similar in an asian language, but definitely addictive and smooth.

N2 Adam McHeffey – Song 66
This will set your mood to “happy smile”. Sounds like The Decemberists meets Okkervil River.

N3 Anois – Beds And Dishes
“They play guitar, melodica, fan organ, glockenspiel and other acoustic things, while the floorboards creak and the chairs rumble.”

N4 Chris Pickering – Wonders
Indie, alt-country described like this: “The song’s overall composition took me on ride, with ups and downs, smiles and frowns.”

N5 Silence Is SexyWhere Were You
Very good indie rock band that released also an instrumental version of the album. This here with vocal.

N6 IAMX – Think Of England
No need for words. One of my favorite artists ever gives away the newest single!

N7 Jay-Z -Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Professor Kliq Remix)
This will make a dance party from every chilled meeting!

The chart:

1st Jan Felipe – Quelques souvenirs
2nd Stateless – Wade In
3rd Screenatorium – Second Chances
4th Emily In Love – I Can’t Imagine (Microholiday Remix)
5th Kismet – White Castle
6th Two Spot Gobi – Others
7th Blue Swerver – Good Fortune
8th Leon Somov Feat. Jazzu – Parduodu Savo Muzika
9th Mason Proper – Lock Lovedown Gets Innocuous (Kanye West vs. LCD Soundsystem)
10th Infant Color – Watching A Hall Get Longer
11th Of The I – Single Units
12th Phour Trakk – Bhang Lassi
13th Fabryka – Legoland
14th Degiheugi – Jessy
15th AlDDao – Crazy Love Show
16th Katherine – Mute
17th Music In Progress – In Dreams
18th Christophe Marc – As A Lifetime Goes


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