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The week has ended so its time for a new list. There were not that many votes although houndreds of people visited the site and listened to the songs.
Because of that, the new ranking is: votes + downloads.
I assumed that a download means – “I like this song, so I want it!“.

The second thing is: Thom Yorke and Andrew Bird are out (places 11 and 15) because from now on all the songs here are “free to get” from the web. It means that whatever you like you can gat in good quality for free.

Third: the “P” are changed to “N” like New so it gets clearer whats the chart and what are the new songs.

New chart will be available within 10 hours.

See You very soon ;].


  1. Just wanted to check – is the easiest way to download a song to click on your red text and go to the website? This is what I did for some songs on Playlist 3, but it would be good if there is a quicker way…

  2. Well, to go to the artist page and download from there is the best way to show the artist respect. And it’s not “allowed” (unwritten law) to give links directly to the download. But if You want quick and the quality from the site is enough for You the easiest way to get all the songs You need is to go to the web adress shown after clickin the share button on any song.

  3. I agree the best way to support the artists is to go to their website – which I normally do anyway since I like to know what I’m listening to! I also downloaded Jan Felipe’s and Kismet’s album from the last playlist 🙂

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